Had an Accident Now What…

Imagine finding yourself in an unfortunate accident. When it’s your fault, the process is relatively straightforward. You contact your insurance company, they handle the details, you pay your deductible, and your premium might increase. However, what happens when the accident is not your fault?

Being on the receiving end of a collision caused by someone else can be an incredibly draining experience, especially when it comes to dealing with the other party’s insurance company. They don’t view you as their customer, so their level of care and attention may be lacking. This is where Highway 18 comes in.

At Highway 18, we understand the frustration and exhaustion that can arise from interacting with an indifferent insurance company after an accident. We have extensive experience handling claims from nearly every insurance provider out there. Our team is more than willing to step in and communicate with the other party’s insurance company on your behalf, ensuring a smoother process for your vehicle’s collision repairs.

Whether you are at fault or not, we are here to lend a helping hand. Our priority is to provide exceptional service and support, advocating for your rights and ensuring that your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition. You can rely on us to navigate the complexities of the insurance process, leaving you with peace of mind and more time to focus on recovering from the incident.

At Highway 18, we believe in assisting all individuals involved in accidents, regardless of fault. Our dedicated team is ready to go the extra mile to ensure your experience is as hassle-free as possible.