Key contributors to efficient daily operations.

Quality checks at each stage of the repair process keep vehicles moving and cycle time down.
When a new vehicle gets checked in, it is pre-washed and taken to a designated area for disassembly, where the damaged parts are laid out.

Then a supplement sheet is written by one technician. The sheet is then taken to a service advisor. Both the service advisor and the technician will go over every damaged part of the vehicle that needs attention and have photos taken, typically by the shop’s service advisor.

From that point, they will create a repair plan before parts are ordered. Once all the ordered parts arrive, a body technician is assigned to do body repairs.

After the body repairs are completed, the production manager will do a quality check and go through the repairs with the body technician. When the quality check is complete, the vehicle is then taken into the painting process before undergoing an additional quality check. After the painting process is complete, the car is taken to an assembly team to do as their name suggests.

At this point in the process, the repair plan is reviewed once more. In the event something was missed, it will then be remedied.

If nothing more is needed after a review, the vehicle is moved to the detail team, the vehicle receives a final wash & detail. After that, the service advisor will do another review. If nothing more is needed, then the final photos are taken for the file and the customer is notified that their vehicle can be picked up.