Highway 18 Collision Center: Trusted Collision Repairs for Both Automobiles and Boats

In the aftermath of an accident, be it on the road or on the water, the primary concern is getting back to normalcy. At Highway 18 Collision Center, we simplify this process by offering trusted repair solutions for both automobiles and boats in the Brainerd Lakes area.

Automobiles: Accidents, regardless of their scale, can compromise the functionality and look of your vehicle. Our seasoned technicians employ the latest techniques to address everything from minor dents to extensive damages, ensuring your car is returned to its optimal condition.

Boats: Boats come with their unique set of repair challenges. At Highway 18, we’re equipped to handle all forms of boat damage, be it to the hull, fiberglass, or paint. Every repair, big or small, is approached with precision, ensuring your vessel is ready for your next outing.

With our wealth of experience spanning over two decades, our commitment has always been to offer unparalleled quality and service. Our reputation in the Brainerd Lakes area is built on this dedication, making us a preferred choice for both automobile and boat collision repairs.

So, when you’re in need, remember that Highway 18 Collision Center is here, ready to restore and rejuvenate your vehicles, ensuring they’re ready for all your adventures ahead.